And indeed I slept. I took the longest nap ever. I even snored. I do that when I  really tired.  I needed that nap because I  threw a temper tantrum after getting home from the doc’s appointment. I was processing the stuff of the day. It was piling up on me. And I just kinda said, “enough.” Then in a quiet moment I realized that I needed to sing. So I started singing praises to Jesus. Giving Him glory and honor that is do Him. I exalted the name of Christ. And I felt His peace as I continued singing. It was more than sweet. It was saving me from going down the rabbit hole of woe is me. I needed to process. I needed to say this is not fair. Then I needed to move on, quickly. Of course, with Jesus. Processing can take awhile yet when doing it with Him, it is much better. Quicker, easier, and healed completely as He goes straight to the root. I guess all things go back to the question, Jesus, Jesus, can I trust you in this situation? Are you there, can you not see what is happening? I listen for the answer… Of course, my beloved I am here. I will never leave you or forsake you. I got this. Let me help you. So the process of letting Him carry me through it all begins. He shows His mighty strength. As He covers me and protects me. 



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