My moments are taking care of the patient. He is more than grumpy. With good reason. For the past six weeks he is lying in bed while his foot heals from surgery. The “foot” had big, big tumors removed. His healing is taking longer because he developed a hematoma. A mass of blood at site of incision. So we wait for UPS to deliver meds that help his foot heal while a wound evac sucks yuck stuff. This a process of 7 days once started. Actually, suppose to be done Friday. But this that and the other…we sit waiting. In mean time everyday the dressing is changed. And I celebrate Jesus. He is my help, my healer. It has been a long time since I have truly felt at peace.  I mean ya know stuff keeps happening yet here I sit with a smile on my face. And no it is not pasted on. Yesterday a family member came to sit with patient while I grocery shopped. In the garage I go to get in the car to peel away from this home that kept me from going out except to doctor’s office. Click, click, is the sound the car makes. Whoa! Really! So borrow friend’s car. I take off, windows down, letting sun and breeze hit my face. And I breath. I love you Jesus, my rock, my provider…. You prepare the way. You are always here. 



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