Healing sometimes takes time. More time than we think. Yet, our Lord Jesus is faithful. The past few weeks have been really hard. The nurse coming to our home had an attitude with the doctor. So it was stressful as the nurse tried to tell our doctor her business. We got caught up in the drama. What stress was caused by one person trying to push her own agenda with no regard for patient. We were safe in God’s hand the whole time. Thank goodness. That is not to say it wasn’t hard. Whew! After this we had family come to help with some chores. We ate pizza and laughed. It was exactly what we needed. Then another family member came by the next day. Was a wonderful surprise. Just to sit and chat. So good to do this. Often while you are going through things, everyone’s life continues so there is this feeling of being alone. Feelings can lead you down a dark path, opening doors to more pain and heartache. The word says we are not alone ever. To believe that is what gets you through. Jesus is for me !!!  



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