Busy Moments

It really has been a lot of hard work taking care of the patient and all the other things that need to be. Yet, it is getting easier. Patient is seeing progress. That in and of itself is a praise report. I am taking more breaks to just sit in between things that need to be done. It is helping me to keep the energy level up. The days are so beautiful outside. That makes it so much easier getting to and from places. Looking forward to a vacation. Yep, most likely I will sleep. I made plans to go to church on Sunday. It will be a chore to physically get there. But I am counting on God to do all the heavy lifting. I am grateful for all that He has done and continues to do. My heart is growing closer to His heart. He shows me so much about my heart… Things that need to change in me, things I need to let go of. Things that have held me back forever and a day. He whispers I can and will take care of you. Stop trying to do it yourself !!! Hmmm.  


He shows me I have worth and value. He wants me to trust that it all works out with Him. To lay down the things I have carried forever and a day. So I choose His ways, His heart. I surrender to His tender care.


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