I love my Lord Jesus. And when I think of His love for me. It awes me. His name comes up in conversation often. I want people to experience that loving kindness that I experience with Him. Yet, sometimes I wonder, does that person really see Christ in me. Am I making a difference in their life through Him. I pray with a longing heart to touch people with His love. I question am I. 

Then a phone call comes. The caller tells me they have been doing a bible study about God’s love for us. How He loved us first and because of that we can love. She then told me as she reads and study, she thinks of me. She said she sees Christ in me. She sees me loving as Christ’s loves. She said, “I get it.”  

 Wow! That was awesome to hear. I am replaying her words in my mind. It made me feel like yes I am loving like He does and someone else is being touched by His awesomeness. His tenderness toward us keeps my heart soft. It just amazes me. I just felt like “wow” through all this,someone sees His love and mercy. Praise and glory to my Lord Jesus.


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