Lazy Sunday

OMG !!! What a lazy Sunday. It is past nine o’clock and I still lie in bed. Just resting. What will the day hold for me today. Will I make the most of the day? Yes !!! I make the decision to try to. I get up slowly. Thinking what needs to be done. And I start to make the mental list of the things that could possibly fill the day. The chore list is listed first because the past few days have been playful. A movie at the show, it was an action packed movie with the good guys winning and me shouting yeah ! Buying blueberries at the blueberry festival and eating blueberry ice cream. It was yummy. I sit and eat my lightly colored blue ice cream while people watching. That was such fun for me. You know the things that make you smile. Now as I pondered the mental list of today I can hear the rustle of leaves as the breeze blows by outside my window. Yep, today will be full of moments. Whatever I do, chores or more playful things I will enjoy the moments. I am grateful for what God gives me. He gives eternal life with Him. He gives me peaceful moments, I am  grateful. That is because I will always be His. Nothing can take that away. As I go about my days I see the lost. It hurts to see the lost living in such a state. Striving to be heard, striving to be more, do more. To see the pain of true emptiness. To see futile attempts to fill the emptiness. And they don’t even have a clue to this fact. That they are lost. That was once me. He came…put His arms around me. Telling me He would never leave me. I rest in that truth as I go about this day. This truth actually makes the day, makes the moments. It brings peace. Takes away the striving to be more, to do more. So I make the mental list knowing that all my moments are covered by Him. 




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