Today is a beautiful day already. Even tho it has barely begun. My day’s moments planned out waiting to be spend. Chores and more chores. Pick up house as it is messy. Dust bunnies everywhere. The big adventure is buying flowers for the flower beds. As the garden needs an overhaul. Some things were left unattended as the patient required so much care. Now it is time to catch up. So off to buy flowers to plant. Yippie. Gardening is work just like my own life is work. I must be careful to plant good things that will grow in my life. Weed out that which is bad. Yep, I said bad things can crop up in my life that is not good for me or for anyone else. Must be attentive to my thoughts, my desires, my habits. As it can all lead me to a good place or a bad place. Planting the truth in my heart will grow me up to be more like my savior. Jesus. Yet, it seems life wants to pull me away from study, away from His presence. So I plan on my time together. Guarding that time so it doesn’t slip away. Hmmm, my life is nothing without Him. Gardens planting, weeding, watering, taking care to ensure beauty. That applies to me. My life. 


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