Well, I am a bit sore as yesterday was working in the garden. Oh my gosh pulling out weeds was tough. I really had to work at it. Always makes me think about how God wants me to change things in my life for the better. To stop bad habits. To forgive myself and others. It is work to do these things. And it does hurt sometimes. Yet, in the end, I am free to life the life Christ paid for me. I planted the flowers and they will bloom and fill in a very short time. Just as living for Christ will be evident in my life. The radiant glow of His life shining through me. As I worked a butterfly fluttered by reminding me of His presence. There were several caterpillars. So this reminds me more of God’s goodness is to come. I had family helping with all this work as it was too much for me alone. Another reminder that God wants us in relationship with not only Him but with others sharing our lives, the good the bad and the glorious. Hmmm, so many things to reflect upon. My moments in life. 


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