Cray, cray

It seems my world has gone a little crazy. Maybe not alittle but a lot. I see these things happening. I hear them happening. And I feel such a sick, sinking feeling. I can see the path of destruction ahead of us if we continue down this path. I question how did it get to be this way. I question why don’t we all see this destructive path. People calling what is wrong, right. And what is wrong, right. People are not only hurting themselves but hurting others. Blinded by the enemy. They seem hell bent with the enemy continually deceiving them. When I speak out I am labeled and smeared with the ugliness of this day and time. It hurts. I pray and ask God what can I do? How do I get through this. He answered with Psalms 37. He says for me not to fret because of evildoers. For He shall take care of them. I am to do good, trusting in Him. To delight myself in Him. He will take care of everything. God is my refuge, my fortress. To continue to live all out for Him. Speaking truth in love destroys the lies. Loving as He loves. Jesus Christ is my savior. I can only share the greatness of who is He is. I was lost in utter darkness, hell bent, and He said, ” No, she is mine.” He came to me, for me to live safely in His arms. So ever grateful. So I continue in Him to share there is a perfect way. Yes, I said a perfect way. Jesus is the way. 


2 thoughts on “Cray, cray

  1. Read all the Epistles; they are a great place to gain perspective and courage, as they shed light on these very issues! Ephesians 6:12 explains the cause “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against…spiritual forces of evil…” In 1 Peter 13:17 the apostle tells us how to respond “with gentleness and respect…” Our times as very similar to theirs; it’s as if all these letters were written specifically for us. You are not alone. God bless.

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