Getting in Shape

Today is second day of my 21 day challenge. I did this challenge in April and it worked out really well. It is where I really work hard on taking better care of myself in all areas. I increase my walking routine. And consistently do my weights. Along with all the other jazz. I am working on consistently taking better care of myself. The world it seems would love us all not to care about such things. To walk about unhealthy, just kinda barely getting along in life. Or to the other extreme the worship of the creature. Neither of these is what I desire. So I continue to work, basically on consistently do the better thing. I was successful in achieving my goals in this last challenge. Taking better care of myself makes a huge difference in how I feel. In how I deal with life. I also, spend more time in my bible searching the scriptures. Which always brings me peace. It also, brings the ability to smile even when their is nothing to smile about. My goal each day is to be engaged in the moment. To be fully aware of the goodness in that moment. Even when it looks like there isn’t any goodness in it. God gives me God encounters each day to remind me of his presence. To remind me I am not alone in the moments of life. He gives me the ability to see Him. I am grateful for this. To see His love and to experience the care He has for me. It is the realization that Christ Jesus is my all in all.


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