An acquaintance of mine went to hospice yesterday. He is dealing with cancer. He is dealing with his impending death.  It is very sad. He has lived life on his terms. Lived his life fully doing things his way. His friends rally round about him. Offering good thoughts to comfort him. They know no hope to give. They say they know Jesus but not as savior and lord. He is their qualifier. You know he is love and condones all that they do because He is love. My heart wants them to accept Christ as their savior, as their Lord, as their redeemer. We cannot be saved without confessing who Christ is. And what He has done for us. Romans 10:9 is our go to scripture to confess. This acquaintance is blinded to the truth by his ignorance. Ephesians 4:18 states his condition. My prayer is for labours to be sent into his path. To preach the good news to him. And not just for him but for this group of friends that are also, lost. I also, pray for myself to have more opportunities to share the gospel with a holy boldness. To love on people as He loves. 


One thought on “Hospice

  1. Friend, I hope that you have had a better day tomorrow that you had today, and I pray that your faith in Jesus Christ increases, and that you can be more closer to him, so that his glory can touch you in these moments when you are weak, and glorify you with the joy and love and the awesome-ness of him,
    Always remember, a prayer said in the weakest moment, with a humble heart is the more powerful than anything on earth. Hallelujah God Bless you my dear friend.

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