Garden Party

The last few days have been spent getting everything ready for the garden party. The house has been throughly scrubbed. And I do mean scrubbed. Soapy water does wonders. The party favors are made. The girls and I went to our local craft store. We bought two charms which we put onto ribbon for a little bracelet. The first charm is a tiny circle with a bird etched onto it. It is very sweet looking. The second is a sparkle bead with deep colors of turquoise.  We put together a small flower made out of card stock which will actually hold the bracelet. Of course, we wrapped the bracelet and chocolates in tulle. We did good. Patting ourselves on the back. We laughed and shared our thoughts as we worked. These moments making memories for each of us. We were loving on each other. Encouraging each other. Taking time to be with each other. Tomorrow they arrive early to help set up the table. Arrange the flowers in the vases. We are so looking forward to just having a good time. Just spending time together enjoying each other’s company. Thanking Jesus for sweet relationships.


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