I put my name in a circle. Then the girls helped me brainstorm ideas that would help me to achieve my goals. The process was revealing in that I needed to choose things that made me feel good about myself. It revealed things that will help me to take better care of myself, things that needed to be done. Things that fill me. Renew me. Of course, it all sounds so easy but it really makes one search themselves. It takes understanding to know we are not all the same. What helps me may not bring any good benefits to you. I really connect to Jesus when I am in nature. Going to the beach, gives me a sense of peace as I walk the sandy beach. I listen to hear His voice speak to me as I wiggle my toes in the ocean water. I feel the warmth of His touch as I lie in the sand. Hmmm. This renews me. Music moves me to a special place of worship in Him. Singing praises, exalting His name. He is worthy. Practical things like eating real food, you know the good things that make me physically stronger. Being a water girl gives me a boost. So to begin doing these things on a regular schedule that comes from a place of these things are needed not optional but required. Just as He is required for life. To begin. Trusting Him to continually show me the way, His way. To a fuller life. 

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