Working Out

The moments of the day have been  spent working out. I mean really physically working out. Whew! The girls and I are encouraging one another to take better care of ourselves. We meet once a week where we share what worked for us. And what didn’t work for us. Brainstorming together really helps one to see new options. I am changing for the better. My arms actually are showing muscles. Hmmm. Pleases me so much to look and feel better. And it feels good to receive encouragement as well as to give it. One of the changes has been to drink a green smoothie every day. They are yummy and so healthy for me. And can I just say my groceries are a lot cheaper. Plus how fun trying out new recipes. I like variety. This is a life changing experience for us all. We all know what is healthy yet always choosing the healthier option is another matter. Choosing vegetables recipes that are healthier for you than a processed box of something you cannot even pronounce the ingredients. Choosing to move our bodies, to breathe, to sweat. To live a fuller life. This is taking what we know and putting it into action. Go girls!


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