I am so looking forward to my birthday. It is coming very soon. I like to celebrate for as long as I can. I cannot remember celebrating my birthday when I was little. The home I grew up in was not kinda crazy but very cray, cray. So birthdays were not so much. I love having a birthday with all the party stuff. I want to celebrate the life I have been given. To treasure each moment. So bring on the cake and ice cream. Let me count the blessings. I know life can be so painful. Some days the pain is overwhelming. Yet, I hold on tight to Jesus to get through. And I look for the good in each day. I look for the beauty so I may embrace it. To enfold myself in it. Others do not understand this desire for celebrating. They make fun of me. Laughing at me. So they want to rain on my parade. Well, I take out my umbrella and party anyway. Like I said I am expecting a good long celebration. With all the trimmings. I want to celebrate life in the fullest. Eat ice cream for breakfast. To live. To love. Jesus paid for my life with His shed blood. What a price He paid so I may live. What a gift He has given me. A life in Him.


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