New Things

Can I just say I am again moving slow. Which is actually very relaxing. I did some cardio. Whoo Hoo!!! That is where I moved not so slow. I am becoming very consistent in my self care routine. And it is fun. I have found I am a person who likes variety. So I have been changing up the exercise. And I have made myself laugh at some of my moves. The healthier food eating was taken up a notch. I really enjoy eating healthy. And I have found the other not so appealing anymore. I am making progress. Feeling so much stronger! Anyway, I decided to try a new recipe. A spinach burger. It was so yummy. I cannot believe I hadn’t tried one before this. It was a very simple recipe to follow. Moments have been working toward the goal of a healthier, stronger me. Way to go me. I also, visited am visiting a church. I say to myself “no, not another one”. And I wonder okay what kind of crazy will be there. So far it seems pretty legit. I miss having a church family yet after all the craziness I have been through on this. I cannot even believe I want to try again. But my relationship with Christ is my everything. I could not go through life without him. Loving. So even if I don’t find a place to hang with others. Christ is always with me.


2 thoughts on “New Things

  1. Jesus will always be there. He wasn’t a lone wolf, though. He modeled community. As iron sharpens iron, so one man (or woman) sharpens another. There are many awesome, open Christians out there. I pray you have the strength to find some and be one. Hey, if you can like spinach burgers, anything is possible. Good luck (but it’s not really luck.)

    • Thanks. You are right. Sometimes a person gets frustrated from trying and it seems to not work. Yet, here I am looking to connect. And haha anything is possible if I can eat spinach burgers.

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