Happy Dance!!! The doctor’s report  was good. She was pleased with my efforts concerning my health. I really am working hard on a healthier lifestyle. And my blood work reflected all the hard work. Whew! I really am excited by the happier attitude. And the energy level is so much higher. So I am patting myself on the back. I cannot say it is easy yet it is getting easier. Now the oncologist appointment is next Friday. I am expecting a good report from that visit. Happy Dance in advance. In fact, I purchased a Zumba video to move to. I like changing things up. I can honestly say it was so hard to keep going with all the health issues. Even tho it was so heavy upon me I kept going. Maybe I wasn’t as sunny on some days as I could have been. But I kept going!!!! And now I can see and say let’s move on. The schedule is continually tweaked. I press in even more. I am so grateful for Jesus, my peace, my healer. My cheerleader. I am still visiting the same church. It is good to be there. I decided with all the changes I would wait a while before trying a small group. Just being wise. I also, stepped out and registered for two art classes at the college. It was stretching me to register but there again, God provided people who were kind and very helpful. It seems as I was going through all this I realized I wanted to hide. You know just say no to things and stay home. Now most of that was required to get better. But then I realized I was feeling vulnerable. Just wanting to hide out. Guess, blue days took there toll. So sitting in the backyard swing watching nature has been helpful in restoring my peace. Just soaking in the goodness of life. Life becoming balanced. In harmony. 


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