Catching Up

My schedule is full. I am always tweaking it to fit everything in. So that everything gets done. Priorities are always being thought about. What is important, what can wait, what is the end result I want. So today I find myself playing catch up on stuff around the house. Which is not a bad thing, I like things neat and tidy. Makes me feel better. And it is so much easier to begin the week with stuff done. Having food prep and meals planned helps me eat healthier. And who doesn’t want clean clothes to wear. I am so grateful for the nice home I live in. It has all the stuff that makes life so much easier. God is so faithful. Being grateful is something I tend to do on a regular bases yet it seems God reminds me of things I did not even think about. Oops! Gentle reminders… The sunlight streaming in through the windows gives me such pleasure. It is so beautiful. The light it brings in. The sounds of ceiling fans blowing gentle breezes across the room. Just so much to be grateful for. The quiet neighborhood I live in making it so peaceful. I grew up in the city where noise was an issue. It was people outside yelling at one another, police sirens going off. The ambulance blaring the horn to get through. It was so daily, so often. And of course, there was the constant fear of what happened to so and so. Life can be peaceful with Jesus. No matter what neighborhood I live in. When I just am in him. It is peaceful. Trusting him to keep me safe. Keeping my family safe. He is the prince of peace. 


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