Stepping Out

I did it!!!!  In addition to my exercise routine I do at home I  added a membership to the YMCA. The YMCA is brand new, has all new equipment and a indoor pool. I was thinking the pool would be great for exercising. I am not a gym girl per say yet here I go. I have already been a few times. Starting off slow there, doing cardio. Haven’t tried the pool classes yet but it is on the list. I am still doing my home routine as I really like the set up I have got going. Still adjusting to home and Y. I want to stay consistent. Keeping up all the hard work which is really paying off in how much better I feel. Also, they have a medical center housed in the Y which was offering lectures on various health issues. I really stepped out. I attended three in a series. The last session was titled writing the next chapter which was so appropriate for me. It really hit home. That is just what I am doing writing the next chapter. Hmmm. So much goodness.


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