Life has been so busy with lots of good activities. In fact, I have to spend some time setting the priorities in order to achieve everything. It is good to know that these are things God has initiated for me to do. It makes a huge difference doing what He wants as opposed to what I think I want. I am feeling so much better physically, mentally and spiritually. The hard work is paying off. I was sitting in my swing outside enjoying the cool fall breeze. When I noticed one of the plants had its leaves turn brown and die. I was thinking to myself, would this plant have survived if it was place in a more sunny spot. As it needed sun to survive. And the answer was of course being placed in the best possible position to grow would yield results. Am I not the same. I need to be in the exact spot God requires for me to grow and be the best I can be in Him. It is not someone else’s spot. But that place just for me. 


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