Christmas has happened. And Christmas has not happened. It came and went but without much fanfare. Or maybe with much fanfare. The family gathering was to be Christmas Eve. With all the family, with all the gifts and with all the yummy treats. The joys of a home filled with thankful hearts, laughing, sharing life. We rescheduled due to everyone being in various stages of illness. The house was quiet. Everyone trying to sleep. Tissues in heaping mounds beside every bed. Liquids of juice, water and hot teas were dispensed. The thought of yummy treats banished from our thoughts by the tummy virus. Christmas Day was a planned trip out of town to Washington D.C. Those that were not ill, piled into the rented vehicle in the wee hours of the morning. Once in the car the excitement grew of the new things to see and do. This trip was a much needed get away. As the year was a year of trials. It was a year of hurdles to be overcome.  The trip did not disappoint us. The buildings were grand structures of cement. So vast and huge. The twinkling lights added to the holiday charm of the city. The big city. It bustled with people. They were everywhere, coming and going. The air was brisk. That chill in the air was refreshing. It was all in all grand. The art museum full of eye candy to delight our eyes. So many ideas brought together by others for us to view. And so many places to eat. So many new things to try. Yummy. Family style restaurants were the best. We tasted a bit of everything. Laughing and sharing. Hmmm life is a mixture of everything. The illness we thought we’d left behind showed up. She became a trooper, resting and going. Resting and going. A trooper when once upon arriving at home. Took medicine for bronchitis. She is feeling much better now. The family that stayed at home recovered slowly. Then our “Sugar” the horse who is much loved. Died. Her aging body giving out. So we are all sad. We are miles apart from one another expressing our grief. This was beyond the word hard. So they buried Sugar without us. We finished our trip with a long car ride home. It was much longer than I expected as I am now one who fights off the illness. We had planned on New Year’s Day to celebrate Christmas. With all the trimmings. We now rescheduling Christmas. 


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