New Year

I am excited that classes begin tomorrow. I start the morning by going to drawing ll class. A new teacher. A new beginning. I enjoy learning the how to’s of drawing class. I learn about art materials, what to use, the name of, etc. If you have not taken an art class it actually is like learning a new language. The language of art, the meaning of shading, value, hue, and proportions are just a few to begin with. I am so happy to be able to take advantage of this opportunity. I enjoy learning new things. It challenges me in so many ways. My God is a creative God. He wants me to honor and love him. He wants me to enjoy my time here in this world as I wait for Him to return for me. I have to remind myself to keep looking for the good in this life. Even though things happen to cause one to question that. Hmmm. So many questions that just continually end up the same, just asking why? Which there really is never an answer to other than I live in a fallen world with people that have free will. Hmmm. I am just sorting things out for myself. It is required as I move forward. Forward movement is the requirement to living this life now. It is saying yes to new learning opportunities. It is saying yes to what God calls us to. No matter how small or how big. It is saying yes and thank you God. Thank you for life and helping me. 


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