A Monday 

It really was a rough start today. I overslept. So this meant no time for breakfast or time to pack a lunch. Not feeling well but determined to get to class. I made the class in time to set up for a ridiculously hard drawing of a collage. All the while the instructor walked the room, talking about her march for women. I am thinking really! She can share her liberal views to the high heavens and I  supposed to not comment and keep drawing. I am working hard on this drawing trying to be courteous and kind by making no comments on her march. She did actually dismiss us early so  I could buy lunch before next class. Payday is tomorrow so I charge lunch on the credit card. Ouch! I hate doing that. But with the way I felt I didn’t think I would get through next class without eating. The next class was the ceramics class where I sat on a little stool trying to throw clay. Yep, trying is the word. I was so not feeling good. Yet, there I sat trying to make a cup. Hmmmm. The class is finally over. I drive the hour home. I take the hottest shower ever when I get home. I put on warm, comfy p.j.’s and sip my hot cup of green tea. I did it. I pushed through the day. Now I am going to bed early, yep real early.

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