It is a cold Saturday night. Brrr. A high of 50 degrees is chilly for me.  Saturday nights are usually meant for partying. It is the way people release the stress of a busy week. It is also, known for wild, crazy things happening. You know not the good things. And for the most part the church is pretty quiet on a Saturday night unless it is mass at the Catholic church. I have been visiting churches to find a place to plug in. So right here in my neighborhood there is a new church having a service on a Saturday night. I am thinking I will go and try it out. I am all bundled up with my sparkling pink scarf, jacket and black jeans. My thoughts are on keeping warm and thinking it will be a small group of people. Because really who goes to church on a Saturday night. I pull up to the church parking lot which is packed with cars. I am thinking wow pretty crowded. Inside folks are everywhere. I find a seat. I listen intently to the message. The pastor has a gift of delivering God’s word powerfully. It is a special night here because they are doing baptisms. Yep, in a horse trough, not one but two. Horse troughs.  There was lights, loud worship music, and the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit. Tears streamed down my face as I watched 55 people get baptized. It was a joyous celebration. I was so awed as the people were young and old, there were married couples, boyfriends and girlfriends getting baptized at the same time. I weep with joy to witnessed moms and daughters, best friends, and children all saying yes to Jesus. This church is so alive and right here in my own neighborhood. It was so awesome to be a part of this celebration. God is so good. It is partying with Jesus for an eternity.


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