It takes time to grow relationships. It takes effort to build relationships. I am reminded that I am to do this. To be his hands, to be his voice. I am convicted as I write this because I really have had a “me” month. Not to say I am not important yet I need to be in balance. Believing God has the best plan for me, then to process the painful. Then move on. I cannot stay there, in the woe is “me” stage. Which is what it is called when I tarry too long there. A healthy balance of dealing with my stuff and moving on with him. So I have been dealing with thoughts, the thoughts that create doubts. The thoughts of am I really going to achieve my hopes and dreams. Am I ? Am I ? Well, to have the answer that I need I must spend time with him. Letting him love on me, healing me of my hurts. Just spenting time together. Learning of his character, trusting his faithfulness. I must be in relationship with him. His truth on the matters of my life. I say all of this to say my thinking lately needed to be challenged. To look up and not down. To believe him. Then to live it. Not only for myself but for others. I love how he gently tells me come on over here to where it is better. Don’t tarry in the doubts, listen to what I have to say on that matter. I can and will make it better for you. Hmmm. Yes is what I answer. I am now seeing more clearly. I am in relationship with him. For me and for others. I can take time to build someone else up. I can be his voice, his hands.


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