Racing To Catch Up

I am racing to catch up on all life is offering me. The only problem is that my pace is turtle slow. Some days this bothers me and other days my emotions say nah don’t give it another thought. I find myself cloud watching for what I think is a few moments yet an hour has past. And it is just me lying back on the bright red striped hammock gazing up at bluest sky with puffy white clouds. It seems the clouds move very slowly, making time for me to try an figure out what shape they are. And then puff they are gone. The only interruptions that stir me from my gazing at the clouds is the butterflies that flutter by. I am in wonder as they land to sip nectar from the flowers and then pop on the underside of a leaf to lay eggs. I often think about the questions to which I have no answers to. I seek God asking, asking. What do I do, how do I ? Why???? Yet, when I gaze at his creation it seems everything is okay. I don’t have answers but that is okay. In this turtle pace, God slows me down to say it will be okay, come rest. Look at the beauty I created for you to enjoy. And yes he has the answers for me. It in this turtle pace I can hear his  still small voice speaking to me. Let go my beloved, let me take care of this. I am so loved. Learning and trusting Jesus Christ my savior and lord.


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