Dinner Out

I shared a celebration dinner last night with graduating senior high schoolers. They were so excited to be graduating and moving on with their lives. There were display tables  filled with moments of their childhood on display for everyone to view the past to the present. There was laughter through their tears as they said goodbye to each other. As they go their separate ways. It was a heart warming time. It was also, a time of reflection. Have I achieved my dreams that I set out to do when I graduated ? Were the goals realistic or were they lofty because of my age and lack of experience in the the world. In reality the question that needs to be answered is was I obedient to God ? Did I go and do what he asked. Honestly I did a lot of things just for me and not for him. My journey at that time lacked the close relationship I have with Jesus now. I know he forgives me for my mistakes. Yet, how much better would life have been with my best friend guiding me along the way. I now strive to be who he created me to be. Secure in his love for me, that love driving out all fear, so I may live an abundant life now. That I may never be alone. My best friend seeing me through the joys of life. My best friend seeing me through the heartaches that just happen in this life. No matter where I began in life Jesus has always had a plan. The plan, his plan for me. To be my best friend! To be my king! To be my lord and savior. Thank you Jesus. 

I pray all those graduates learn of this greatness he has for them.


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