I cannot believe I put myself out there to join a small group at this new church. I went last night to the first get together. I thought it went well. But obviously not. I know the gal leading the group has strong opinions. But I did not really feel I had to agree with everything she said. So I offered up my thoughts and feelings of how I dealt with stuff. Which was different than her ways of dealing with life. Anyway, I received an email saying don’t come back anymore. The email said I didn’t fit with this group of people. Whew!!! My reactions are hurt and anger. What the heck. I am not going to please everyone. And you know I am not even going to try. God does not want a people pleaser. All I can say is ouch!!!!!!


9 thoughts on “Ouch!!!!

  1. As a Christian this truly saddened me. I’m so sorry this was your experience in a small group setting. Unfortunately there are many who claim to be Christian but really don’t have the heart of Jesus.

  2. That is a very unfortunate situation. I used to lead a Bible study that had believers and nonbelievers alike. I heard all kinds of ideas, but I never kicked anybody out. And when I did have interpersonal problems, I didn’t resolve them over email. I guess you could try to speak with the leader or move on to another group. Is the woman an employee of the church?

    • She was the leader. It was a matter of I did not agree with her methods of handling things. I was asked how I handled things. and I gave my way which obviously was wrong to her. Anyway I will continue going to church but no small groups. I don’t need that.

      • Remember al lot of the early church leaders had issues. Paul was always breaking up with his cohorts. He and Peter had some ugly friction. Like I said, I am sure it was a very unpleasant experience, but I believe you are missing opportunity if you stay out of the small group game. You go from being a viewer of church to a participant. As Kid Rock so eloquently said, “You gotta get in the pit and try to love someone.”

  3. I do encounter rude people in church once in a while–which makes me wonder if they are Christians at all (and if they are, I keep in mind that we are all in different stages). But I pray for them. I have just mentioned a prayer for that person who wronged you, and I am praying for you, dear sister.

  4. Her actions toward me were hurtful. And after some processing I am feeling better. I am not going to let this keep me from going to church. And praying for her will help her. I pray for me to have a grace filled heart like Jesus. Thanks friend.

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