I sit in the comfort of the air conditioner with a fan whirling up above. The cool breeze feels good. Outside the air is hot and sticky. It makes it difficult to walk any distance. Yet, I love summer time. The flowers showing off beautiful, brilliant colors. Especially in late evening. The fragrance of summer time, is a mix of flowers blooming, beach water, sun tan lotion. The sounds of insects in the garden, that buzzing sound. The ocean waves splashing onto the shore. Sweat, salt,  sand. So many sights and sounds of summer. There is so much in this season. Ice cream cones melting so quickly that you don’t dare dawdle eating it. The joy of a sprinkler spraying water as you run through it. This is just a reminder of how thankful I am for this season. One of my most favorite things is to jump in puddles from the afternoon rain. Letting the rain splash my face with drops of refreshment. Hmmm. Summer…


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