I am facing a few challenges in life yet I realize I am not alone. He is with me every step of the way. He reminds me that no matter what happens in my life, I was made to glorify him. So I pray I live my life in him, always pointing the way to him.



Just a quiet night, sitting on the swing in the garden. I prayed and talked to God. It was a peaceful time. He reminded me I am stronger than I think. I can do things through Christ who strengthens me.


My day began with attending a church service. It was a little church set off the road, with a long driveway up to the church with green grass and lots of trees. The building inside is beautiful, stain glass windows, set in groups of three, the sunlight streaming through the glass, reflecting the gorgeous colors. The ceilings had lightly colored brown wooden beams. It had with every pew, prayer kneeling benches, not too many churches have that anymore. There was an altar and it was open during worship, to go and kneel and pray. The building itself reminds me of an episcopal church in design. The church, the people were friendly and the presence of God was so sweet. I plan on visiting next week.


I am looking forward to a summer schedule. It really won’t change much, basically it is just not having a class at the university. The hiking will need to be earlier in the morning because of the heat. But for now the weather is absolutely gorgeous, sunny with cool breezes. My goal is to be stronger physically. Healthier. The exercising is hard yet I continue to believe God is my physician. I am expecting each day to get easier. To walk, run, and jump pain free. Healed. It is truly walking by faith and not by sight.


The semester is over, and the class I took was an awesome class. It was color theory. The instructor was not only an experienced artist but an excellent teacher. I learned a lot. The materials and concepts were challenging yet the teacher set the stage for me to be successful. I did not fully understand everything involved in this process but it opened up the door to want to learn more. I am amazed about our eyes. How we see. The lights, the colors. God is an amazing creator. And to look so closely at how our eyes function was, is amazing. I am in awe. I am looking forward to the next class.


I am trying to get out of the house more for nature walks. I even have a pair of hiking shoes. Gotta play the part. Seriously, though shoes are extremely important when wanting to walk without hurting your feet. So I have started off small, doing short hikes. The last one was a boardwalk with dense foliage overhanging making it cooler and dark. The boardwalk is nestled in the country, off a small winding road. It is down by the creek, where you can see the turtles lazing in the sun. The last storm ripped up some of the boardwalk when it uprooted some trees, crashing through the path. It made it difficult to continue to walk on. The trees reminded me of the storms of life, when I am uprooted by events happening to me. The roots were exposed and the tree laying on it’s side. I could only think where and what are my roots grounded in. What happens to me when these unplanned events occur? Well, I certainly do get thrown off balance, I guess, it is the feeling of being caught off guard. And the rising question of what now and how did this happen. Sometimes I stayed too long in that moment, making it even harder for myself to continue walking. Yet, in the end I kept going. And I continue to keep going. I remember who I belong to. And this event by no means caught him off guard. He is there to shelter me, to guide me, to say keep going but in me. You can and will make it with me. So I continue to walk the path with him. Slowly letting all the events of life purge me clean until it is only him I desire. Jesus

County Fair

I enjoy going to the county fair. The smell of the hay and animals is a nose full. Yet, seeing the farm animals makes me feel in awe of these creatures. The baby goats, and baby ducklings are so cute. I really enjoy watching the pigs race. It is one of the funniest things ever to watch. I sat in the sun feeling the breeze cooling off my skin as I hollered for my favorite pig. Yep, that is right I hollered and hooted for Thyrone the pig to win that race. So maybe it was just as funny to watch me at the pig race. The next event was banjo picking. The tunes were foot stamping good. The breeze picked up a bit as the banjo picking was inside an open barn. But it was fun just the same. The fair has so many things to offer. The food, the rides, and of course the people. Just sitting and watching people is always a fun thing to do. My heart was full when I left the fair and my feet were tired. It is so good to just hang out.