Hung Up

Well, I intended to hang my stick art outside on the fence. To give my garden a pop of color. And visual interest. But I made it too long to hang on the fence. It kinda just keep growing as I was wrapping and twisting. So I found a wall inside to hang it. It looks great. I am so pleased with it.  My cat “Benny” helped me decide where to hang it. Darn cat is into everything. Stick art is so much fun. And chasing the cat away is fun, too. Life is just moments added together.

Garden Time

The milkweed in the garden has blossomed with red flowers. And the seed pods are exploding, the breeze is spreading them across the yard. It is amazing how they seem to float by, landing on a spot of ground. Where it will germinate and then sprout into a plant. A milkweed plant with blosssoms that will drawn the butterflies. Hmmm. Amazing.

Artsy Days

I have been enjoying beautiful days in my backyard. The breeze is cool , the sky blue and the roses fragrant. The sun peeks behind the clouds in the late afternoon making a beautiful picture of barely there sunny spots creating shade. The sunlight just peeking through.  The wind chimes blows the sweet tinkling melody of the breeze. So peaceful for me. So healing. I decided to add more things to this peaceful place. More colorful pillows for the swing. More chimes to tinkle. More plants in colorful pots. Most of these are things I can create myself. So I began a stick art project. I gathered some sticks and began wrapping them with colorful yarns. I am almost ready to tie them together. I am hanging this on the fence to add more color. And it is just plain fun to do. 

Taking Care of Self 

I am working on improving my appearance. The clothes, shoes, hair, make-up etc. I wanted to change things up a bit. Possibly a bit more polished. And I would like to add way more color. Bright, bold colors. The sewing room has lots of projects, just wanting for my creative hand. So I decided after purchasing a few basics to recycle items for the rest of the year. It won’t be too much of a challenge as my budget doesn’t really have monies for a new wardrobe. I am always needing art supplies for my classes at the university. That takes up a chunk of my budget. So I began organizing the room. Ideas were flowing so that there is a nice neat stack of colorful fabric waiting for me to begin. I am excited to see how the ideas work out. I did use some super soft blue t-shirt material for flowers, I wanted to update a shirt. They look good. Creativity flowing.