The last few days have been hectic preparing for the oncoming storm. Now is the waiting time for it to move up the coast. The news is reality reporting yet I tire of hearing the worst all the time. It is also, fear based. Ugh!!! I am trusting in God to provide and protect. I am expecting his provision. So I turn off the news, not wanting to hear their reports. Isaiah 41:10 is what I meditate upon. Thank you Jesus 



It is raining, with more on the way. I am keeping busy doing catch up on things while the storm progresses. The schools are closing. The community is busy making their homes as safe as possible. The people in the grocery store were in a panic. It was people pushing, shoving one another. In an effort to buy water. It was unsettling if I allowed it. God spoke to me and said they don’t know me so they panic. He said go in peace, rejoice because I provide for you. Sing praises into me. I am reading and reflecting on Psalm 138. Jesus my protector.


I have so many things going on in my life right now. That makes it so busy and so easy to want to eat out. Fast food temptation. Yet, this option is not really good for me. My body really needs healthy foods. And it really lets me know when I eat something not so healthy. It takes time to meal plan, shop and prepare the nutritious foods my body needs. When I prepare I am setting myself up for success. I do so well. When I do not prepare it is a fast track down. And it amazing how  my body reasponds with fatigue, tummy issues, etc. The question I ask myself is why is self-care so hard to do sometimes? The answer is multi faceted. So many variables come to mind. For example time, money, convenience, knowing what is healthy and what is not. But it really comes down to do I really value my self. Do I care enough to take the time to eat properly for me, myself. I am working it. I want to take better care of myself so I have been putting things in place to help me achieve that goal. I have always been pretty good about eating healthy but sometimes the temptations of not so good choices got the best of me. So I say all of this to say yeah for me I have been maintaining a consistent pattern of yummy, healthy food. I am feeling so much better.


I am taking a break sitting on my swing in the garden. There is plenty of sunshine and a cool breeze. The flowers are lovely. They are wildly profuse. Meaning they are growing up and out, making it all scattered. Not at all neat, trim and proper. I like it like that. It fits my personality. The butterflies are fluttering by. I have three different kinds. This is a peaceful place to be. I see my God’s handiwork. He always amazes me. I mean just observing the things he has created. I pray that I reflect his goodness and his beauty. I pray that when people observe me that sense his peace. That they sense the joy he gives me. Life is so harsh and it has been very cruel for me. Yet, he is my saving grace. He shows his grace. The beauty of his presence bringing healing into my heart. I can live because it is he that lives in me. He shows me the wonder of his creation. Jesus


The new school semester has begun. I am taking two classes this semester. The first is Color Theory which I believe will be a good class. It will help me learn about colors. The second class is a printmaking class. I am super excited about this class. I will be learning to make my own prints. The supplies for this class were expensive. Art is expensive. The class schedule is back to back with the lab being open right after class. This makes it easier to work on my projects. 


I sit in the comfort of the air conditioner with a fan whirling up above. The cool breeze feels good. Outside the air is hot and sticky. It makes it difficult to walk any distance. Yet, I love summer time. The flowers showing off beautiful, brilliant colors. Especially in late evening. The fragrance of summer time, is a mix of flowers blooming, beach water, sun tan lotion. The sounds of insects in the garden, that buzzing sound. The ocean waves splashing onto the shore. Sweat, salt,  sand. So many sights and sounds of summer. There is so much in this season. Ice cream cones melting so quickly that you don’t dare dawdle eating it. The joy of a sprinkler spraying water as you run through it. This is just a reminder of how thankful I am for this season. One of my most favorite things is to jump in puddles from the afternoon rain. Letting the rain splash my face with drops of refreshment. Hmmm. Summer…


I have been sewing the cutest stuffed animals. The question is what to do with them. Because they seem to multiply. They are so fun and easy to sew. Well, the thought came that I could do a shoebox gift for preschoolers. A lot of people do them at Christmas and then ship them to different countries. I want to do a bunch and pass them out at a local preschool in need. There was a head start program I worked at that was in great need of all things for the children. So that is kinda my idea. I am working on filling them. And I will pray where to pass them out. Is is a fun project. I had two bags of old crayons that the paper needed to be peeled off so they can be melted into a new shape. Heart shape !!! You know there is just something about crayola crayons. That they just make you happy. The smell, the different names for the colors. The endless possibilities of what to create using them. This was my idea of crayon art for me. I melted the crayons using the heat from my hair dryer. It was so enjoyable watching the crayons melt. The swirling and twirling of the colors blending. Yep, this is fun creating for myself and putting items together for someone else.