Just a quiet moment to relish the space I am in. It seems God always brings me back to taking things slower in this life of mine. This reminder to move slower gives me the opportunity to see his hand at work in my life. Often life rolls by quickly, not allowing me to catch the God moments he has provided for me. I am in this quiet space now. I can see all the blessings of this day being poured out on me. Hmmmm I am grateful for these blessings. His presence is so comforting. His presence strengthens me. He is here. He is with me, always. Seek him and you, too will relish the space of being in him.


Darkness tries to surround me, tries to cover me. Yet, it is unable to. Because I stand on the word of God. God has a plan for me and my life. It is a good plan. He is for me, not against me. He goes before me to prepare the way. I am protected and safe in his arms.

I went for a hike in the state park, needing to get out of house. I enjoy being outdoors. I sense his presence there.

Hunkering Down

Life has changed so much is such an understatement. I am being challenged constantly to change my perspective on things in my life. It has been painful. Change has always been stressful for me, even good change. But I hear God’s voice calling to me to come up higher and deeper in him. To be so aware of his presence. To be so aware of his goodness. To be so aware of his greatness. To look to him in how I respond to what is happening to me in my life. I can sit quietly, listening to his soft voice leading me. Giving me the reassurance that he has me. I am safe in his arms. He covers me completely. It is a peaceful place to be. Soft and warm yet there is such a strength that surrounds me. Protecting me.


So I have been dyeing fabric and bits of laces with avocado pits. I am very pleased with the results. It makes me happy to learn about new things. So I went online to check out the process. Of course, there were tons of different ways to achieve the rose color I wanted. I being me, chose the simplest method. Toss the pits in a pot and boil. Wet fabric and toss in. Maybe a bit more I did but really that was about the jest of it. My happy is loud.


It began with an old paper lantern bought from a goodwill. I decorated it with colorful paper flowers. It was looking very pretty. The only thing that I wasn’t pleased with was the background. It was a dingy yellow color which was from just being old. So I decided to paint it blue. I used my watercolors to paint in and around the flowers. It turned out great. It had a watercolor effect meaning alittle darker blue in some places and lighter blue in other places. I hung it up feeling very pleased with this project. It really brightened up my room, it was hung from the ceiling. My daughter loved it when she saw it and wanted it. So I kept it awhile before deciding to give it to her. I took it down and preceded to wrap it up but because it was so delicate, it began to tear at the bottom. I then began to repair it. That did not work, so I took off all the flowers, saving them. I bought a new lantern, that was blue already, and attached the flowers. It looked great. But I still had old torn lantern which I still liked. It just looked so awesome to me. I hung it outside on a tree and have been watching the breeze and sun move it. It makes me happy.


The routine of living a simplified life is in the making. It is without being driven to perfection but just a more consistent desire to simplify. It is slowly changing my life to a slower, yet richer life. I am more content. It is choosing the best over the good. It is choosing less rather than more. The result has certainly brought me more peace.